Who we are

HNK welcomes everyone to a new way of working. One that allows you to reach your full potential as a person, and helps you grow as a business. We believe that the better you feel at work, the better you will do. Whether you need a tailor-made office, a desk for a day, or simply a meeting room; HNK offers workspaces at 9 locations that come with top-quality service.

Being owned and run by NSI, we bring over 30 years of experience in the commercial property sector. Because we own our buildings, we are able to go the extra mile for our guests, and place sustainability top of mind. Space at your service, desks on demand, and a host that knows you by name. HNK puts the H in Hospitality and is now bringing it to the workplace. 

Imagine stepping into an office that feels like a hotel lobby. Or a host that knows what you need before you know it yourself. From a freshly brewed coffee to the space to expand your team. Like this, we create sustainable synergies between people, places, and work.

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