Podcast Het Nieuwe Kantoor

Episode 2: how to turn satisfied customers into real fans?

At a time when customers are becoming more demanding and the impact of online reviews is only increasing, it is essential to focus on customer experience. A satisfied customer is no longer enough. Creating real fans of your brand is what matters, also in the office of the future.

In the second episode of Het Nieuwe Kantoor, a podcast by HNK, Nynke de Jong talks to StartReverse founder Andre Wiringa. He is dedicated to creating the best customer experience. The goal? Ensuring that your customers become fans of your brand and are therefore loyal and will come back to you.  

Getting something you didn't expect 

'Back in the day, you used to tell a good experience to about five people and a bad experience to 15 people,' Andre begins. 'But online reviews mean you can add a few zeros to this. Marketing used to mainly involve a good website and a brochure, but nowadays people don't always believe you anymore. People rely more than ever on the experience of others when making choices.' 

And as a result, that experience is more important than ever. But how do you create a unique customer experience? According to Andre, the first step is to really immerse yourself in the customer's wants, needs and expectations. 'The only way you become a fan is if you get something, you did not expect. If you get what you expect, it is nothing special. Therefore, knowing a customer before you go into that transaction or experience is very important.' 

Thinking reversed 

In the podcast, Andre shares his methodology for defining your own desired customer experience. And it all starts with 'thinking reversed' and formulating your organisation's purpose and identity. He explains this with striking examples of customer experience at Coolblue, Le Pain Quotidien and Lush. And if the office world is already focusing enough on this aspect? You will hear all about it in the second episode of Het Nieuwe Kantoor.     

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