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How Stephany brings a smile to your face

When you meet Stephany Albertsz, you will immediately notice one thing: her radiant smile from ear to ear. Our host at HNK Amsterdam Schinkel welcomes us with a fresh cappuccino and tells us her secret to providing the best customer experience to her tenants.

'I find it important to really get to know tenants and build a relationship. If an organisation has just joined us, I always do my research beforehand: I read up by looking at their website and checking out what has been written about them. This gives me relevant topics of conversation and a general idea of their current situation, how they work and what is important to them.' 

Ultimately, a good relationship also has to grow. Stephany believes it is essential to be open to others and engage in conversation. 'I am the first person tenants see when they come walking up the stairs, so it's nice to immediately connect. Sometimes that's just a short Good Morning and other times it's an extended conversation. I always ask tenants how I can help them or what they are working on at the moment. That genuine interest ensures that you have conversations on a deeper level.' 

She is convinced that surprising people does not always have to involve grand gestures. 'I believe that sometimes the small aspects are most effective. I always look for opportunities to do something extra,' she says. 'Especially when tenants tell me something personal, I can act on that. For instance, recently there were two tenants who became fathers. When they returned to our office, I immediately arranged a present and a handwritten card on behalf of HNK.' 

And what Stephany's future will look like? 'Over the last few years, I have learned the importance of doing my own thing and, above all, choosing what I like. I have found my niche. I believe it is important to express my cheerful personality. And everyone I can share this with, even if only for a brief moment, is a nice bonus.' 

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